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Alcatraz Swimwear was founded by the Colombian mother-daughter duo, Maria Salazar Nicholls and Juliana Rodriguez Salazar in 2016.

The mission of Alcatraz Swimwear is to highlight the true values of the woman and her family as a whole. We create workplaces for low-income Ecuadorian mothers and give them a proper wage with extra incentives in order to support their families; moreover, enabling them to give heir children an outstanding education. This is the reason why all of our swimwear is handmade with love in our own workshop located just in the middle of the world: Quito-Ecuador.

We have our own showroom and workshop in Quito-Ecuador and also six points of sales throughout Ecuador. Alcatraz Swimwear has been part of the Ecuadorian brands sold at La Boutique Equatorienne in Paris, France. Currently, Alcatraz Swimwear has expanded its commercial operation to the United States and continues with its dynamic and determined growth based on a solid and sustainable administrative, creative and logistic structure.

All of our materials are sourced from local producers. We do not keep high stock in order to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact. Having our own workshop allows us to work every day in a responsible manner, producing what is expected to be sold and reacting in intelligent and fast ways to the changes and trends of the market.

Our vision is to reflect our charming and vibrant Latin American culture through our unique and high quality pieces in international markets.

Alcatraz Swimwear is a brand for real women who are not beauty stereotypes. Alcatraz women are free, exceptionally beautiful from the inside, celebrating unique beauty in all forms. #wonderfullymade is our hashtag.


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