Welcome to our 11:11 –Make a wish- collection in collaboration with amazing @johanna_restrepo ! An invitation to expand your hope to a greater and brighter tomorrow, while being mindfully and gratefully present in whatever life is giving you today. A celebration of unity and uniqueness, a moment to believe in each other and rise together in the midst of complex times. This collection has been created by our amazing team, with the goal to contribute to single moms in our community, giving them fair wages and a possibility of a better future. They have carefully handcrafted all of the fabric textures and details of 11:11 Collection, and we are incredibly pleased to show you the amazing talent they have! Welcome to our new collection, every piece you buy contains a piece of the soul, story and longings of the woman who made it. So thank you for caring, and helping us make the world a better place, one soul at a time!